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Now available, cash & carry groceries, candies and other British favourites from the British Isles: England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Full carton quantities only. Wholesale discounts and volume retail sales welcome. The British Isles Warehouse also has a diverse selection of British Style Sausages, Bacons, Meat Pies and Bakery Products available in full carton quantities at wholesale prices. For prices and further information contact us at: 604-261-3688 or email

The British Isles Warehouse is pleased to offer the widest selection of British Groceries, Deli Products and Bakery Products available in Canada on a wholesale or bulk purchase basis. The British Isles Warehouse is constantly improving our selection and adding to our inventory. We have contacts in the U.K. for British, Scottish, Irish & Welsh candies, chocolates, toffees, biscuits & teas and are constantly looking for new and popular products. We will bring them to Canada when available but due to Federal restrictions some might not be available at the present time so please contact us for items that may not be listed on our website. Our shipments arrive by container on a regular basis from England giving you the freshest and best products available in Canada.

The British Isles Warehouse in conjunction with The Celtic Treasure Chest Group of Companies, in Vancouver B.C., manufacture our own British Style sausages, bacons, meat pies, breads and buns and have the true taste and flavour of the British Isles.

Retail Outlets:

Vancouver Store     Delta/Ladner Store     


· Boost 1x48
· Bournville Std 1x36
· Bournville 200g 1x18
· Bournville Cocoa Bar 100g 1x24
· Caramel 50g 1x48
· Caramel 250g 1x12
· Crunchie 1x48
· Crunchie 250g 1x12
· Curly Wurly 1x60
· Curly Wurly 5 Pack 1x36
· Curly Wurly Squirlies 1x36
· Dairy Milk Std 1x48
· Dairy Milk 250g 1x12
· Dairy Milk 400g 1x12
· Double Decker 1x48
· Dipped Flake 1x48
· Flake 1x48
· Flake 5 Pack 1x20
· Flake Pralines 1x48
· Flake Dark 1x48
· Fruit & Nut Std 1x48
· Fruit & Nut 250g 1x12
· Fruit & Nut 400g 1x12
· Fudge 1x60
·Dairy Milk Melts Hazelnut 100g 1x15
· Dairy Milk Melts Dark 100g 1x15
· Dairy Milk Melts Milk 100g 1x15
· Milk Buttons 1x48
· Picnic 1x48
· Time Out 1x48
· Turkish Std. 1x48
· Turkish Delight 250g 1x12
· Twirl 1x48
· Whole Nut Std 1x48
· Whole Nut 250g 1x12
· Whole Nut 400g 1x12
· White Buttons 1x48


· Aero Mint Bubbles 1x36
· Ca·amac 1x48
· Drifter 48x60g
· Kit Kat Chunky 1x48
· Kit Kat Dark 4 Finger 1x24
· Lion Bar 1x48
· Milky Bar 1x96
· Milky Bar Med 1x60
· Milky Bar Chunky 1x36
· Milky Bar Family Pack 12x150g
· Milky Bar Buttons 1x48
· Munchies 1x36
· Munchies After Eight Mint 1x36
· Polo Reg 1x48
· Polo sugar free 1x48
· Polo Spearmint 1x48
· Polo Fruit 1x48
· Toffee Crisp 1x48
· Yorkie Reg 1x36
· Yorkie Fruit & Biscuit 1x36
· Walnut Whips 3 Pack 3x36
· Walnut Whips 1x36
· Toffo Rolls Assorted 1x40
· Toffo Rolls Mint 1x40
· Toffo Rolls Original 1x40
· Fruit Pastilles Tubes 1x48
· Blackcurrant Pastilles Tubes 1x48
· Fruit Gums Tubes 1x36
· Fruit Pastilles Cartons 18x140g
· Fruit Gums Cartons 18x140g
· Jelly Tots 1x36


  · Turkish Delight 1x48
· Cream 1x48
· Orange 1x48  


· Bounty Milk 1x24
· Bounty Plain std 1x18
· Galaxy Std 1x24
· Galaxy Kingsize 80g 1x24
· Galaxy 150g 1x24
· Galaxy Caramel 1x24
· Galaxy Hazelnut Std 24x47g
· Galaxy Fruit & Nut 24x47g
· Galaxy Minstrels 1x36
· Galaxy Ripple 1x36
· Maltesers White Bags 25x35g
· Maltesers Bags Std 1x40
· Maltesers Box 16x146g
· Mars Bars Std 1x48
· Mars Delight 1x36
· Milky Way Twin 1x24
· Revels 1x36
· Topic 1x36


  · Orange Crème 1x48
· Mint Crème 1x48
· Caramel 1x48  


· Mojo Assorted 1x300
· Mojo Banana Tub 1x300
· Mojo Spearmint 1x300
· Mojo Strawberry 1x300
· Black Jack Stick Pack 1x40
· Barretts Licq.Catherine Wheels 36x6
· Barretts Sherbet Fountains 1x48
· Barretts Soft Nougat Bars 1x40
· Barretts Dip Dabs 1x50
· Blackpool Rock 1x30
· Flying Saucers 1x300
· Coconut Ice 14x17


  · McCowans Highland Toffee Bar 1x60
· McCowans Vimto Chew Bar 1x60
· McCowans Wham Chew Bar 1x60
· McCowans Wham Brew Chew Bar 1x60


· Cadburys Shots 18x200g
· Jameson Raspberry Ruffles 12x200g
· Bassett's Pear Drops 12x200g
· Murray Mints 12x200g
· Mint Imperials 12x200g
· Everton Mints 12x200g
· Bassett's Jelly Babies 12x215g
· Bassett's Licquorice Allsorts 12x105g
· Bassett's Licquorice Allsorts 12x215g
· Bassett's Sherbet Lemons 12x200g
· Haribo Pontefract Cakes 12x175g
· Pascall's Barley Sugar 12x185g
· Pascall's Coconut Mushrooms 12x200g
· Pascall's Toasted Teacakes 12x200g
· Foxs Glacier Mints 12x100g
· Fox's Glacier Fruits 12x100g

Bulk Unwrapped

  · Haribo Milk Bottles 1x3kg
· Kingsway Aniseed Balls 1x3kg
· Kingsway Chewy Apple Bon Bons 1x3kg
· Kingsway Dolly Mixtures 1x3kg
· Kingsway Jelly Buttons 1x3kg
· Kingsway Jelly Babies 1x3kg
· Kingsway Kola Kubes 1x3kg
· Kingsway Licq. Torpedoes 1x3kg

Rolls and Tubes

  · Bassetts Mint Imperials 1x40
· Bassetts Murray Mints 1x40
· Cadbury Choc. Eclairs 1x40
· Foxs XXX Strong Mints 1x36
· Trebor X Strong 1x36
· Mackintosh Mint Toffo 1x40
· Mackintosh Assorted Fruit Flavour 1x40
· Mackintosh Original Toffo 1x40
· Jameson Ruffle Bar 1x48

For your Cough

  · Halls Soothers-Blackcu··a·t 1x20
· Halls Soothers-Strawberry 1x20
· Tunes Blackcurrant 1x32
· Tunes Cherry 1x32
· Tunes Strawberry 1x32

Bulk Wrapped

  · Ashbury Choc. Turkish Delight 1x4kg
· Ashbury Caramel Cup 1x4kg
· Ashbury Strawberry Crème 1x4kg
· Ashbury Dark Peppermint Crème 1x4kg
· Barker & Dobson Buttermint Bon Bons 1x3.17kg
· Barker & Dobson Best English Mints 1x3.17kg
· Barker & Dobson Blackcurrant & Licq. 1x3.17kg
· Barker & Dobson Everton Mints 1x3.17kg
· Cadbury Dairy Milk Miniatures 1x5.5kg
· Cadbury Eclairs Assorted 1x3kg
· Kingsway Koff Candy Twist 1x3kg
· Kingsway Clove Drops 1x3Kg
· Kingsway Jargonelle Pear Drop 1x3kg
· Matlows Barley Sugar 1x3kg
· Trebor Murraymints 1x3kg
· Tilley's Rhubarb & Custard 1x3kg

Walkers Toffee

  · Andy Pack Tray O·igi·al 10x100g
· Andy Pack Tray Treacle 10x100g
· Andy Pack Tray Brazil Nut 10x100g
· Andy Pack Tray Hazelnut 10x100g
· Andy Pack Tray Liquorice 10x100g
· Andy Pack Tray Walnut 10x100g
· Andy Pack Tray Fruit & Nut 10x100g
· Sleeve Pack Original 12x100
· Sleeve Pack Treacle 12x100
· Sleeve Pack Brazil Nut 12x100
· Sleeve Pack Hazelnut 12x100
· Sleeve Pack Liquorice 12x100
· Sleeve Pacl Fruit N Nut 12x100

More Bags

  · Nutty Brazil Toffees 12x150g
· Olde English Toffees 12x150g
· Treacle Toffees 12x150g
· Milk Choc. Toffees 12x150g · Milk Choc Eclairs 12x150g
· Licquorice Toffees 12x150g
· Licquorice Toffee 1x2.5kg
· Milk Choc. Covered Toffee 1x2.5kg
· Nutty Brazil Toffee 1x2.5kg
· Olde English Toffee 1x2.5kg
· Treacle Toffee 1x2.5kg


  · Cheese & Onion 48x34.5g
· Salt & Vinegar 48x34.5g
· Marmite 48x34.5g
· Salt & Shake 48x30g
· Monster Munch Pickled Onion 48x25g
· Variety Pack 15x6x25g
· Ready Salted 48x34.5g
· Roast Chicken 48x34.5g
· Smoky Bacon 48x34.5g
· Beef & Onion 48x34.5g
· Quavers Cheese 48x34.5g
· K.P. Skips Prawn Cocktail 48x34.5g
· Twiglets 30x45g
· Hula Hoops 48x34g
· Chipsticks Ready Salted 1x48
· Chipsticks Salt Vinegar 1x48

Biscuits & Cakes

· Burtons Jammie Dodge·s 150g 1x30
· Cadbury Bournville Digestive 18x300g
· Cadbury Milk Choc. Digestive 18x4000g
· Cadbury Snack Shortcake (Purple) 36x43g
· Cadbury Snack Sandwich (Yellow) 60x26g
· Club Orange 30x8
· Club Mint 30x8
· Club Milk Chocolate 30x8
· Crawford Garibaldi 12x100g
· Crawford Bourbon Creams 12x150g
· Crawford Custard Creams 12x150g
· Elkes Ginger Nuts 30x300g
· Fox's Butter Crunch Crinkles 24x250g
· Fox's Classic Creams 12x200g
· Fox's Butter Sultana Biscuits 12x150g
· Fox's Party Rings 24x125g
· Fox's Rocky 18x6
· Fox's Rocky Caramel 18x6
· Hovis Digestive Sweetmeal 24x250g
· Jacob's Lemon Puffs 24x200g
· Mcvities Chocolate Caramel 24x300g
· McVities Digestive 18x500g
· McVities Digestive Milk Chocolate 24x300g
· McVities Digestive Dark Chocolate 24x300g
· McVities Golden Syrup Cake 1x8
· McVities Hob Nobs 12x300g
· McVities Hob Nobs Milk Chocolate 24x250g
· McVities Jamaica Ginger Cake 1x8
· McVities Jaffa Cakes 1x12
· McVities Penguin 40x9
· McVities Rich Tea 24x200g
· McVities Taxi 12x6
· McVities Fruit Shortcake 24x250g
· McVities Butter Puffs 12x200g
· Nestle Blue Riband 24x12
· Nestle Rolo 36x6
· Nestle Toffee Crisp Biscuit 1x7 36x7
· Nestle Yorkie Biscuit 1x7 36x7
· Viscount Mint Bisc. Creams 12x7
· Viscount Orange 12x7
· Jabobs Bran Crackers 24x200g
· Jacobs Cornish Wafers 24x150g
· Patterson Triangle Oatcakes 12x150g

Cold Beverages

  · Lilt 24.330ml
· Schweppes Bitter Lemon 6x2Ltr
· Schweppes Lemonade 6x2Ltr
· Schweppes Slimline Tonic 12x1Ltr
· Vimto Cordial 12x725g
· Vimto 24x330ml

Breakfast Cereals

  · Scotts Porridge Oats 12x1Kg
· Scotts Porridge Oats 10x500g
· Scotts So Easy 8x10s
· Weetabix Ready Brek 6x500g

In The Kitchen


  · Classic Scone Mix 12x240g
· Crumble Mix 12x280g
· Dumpling Mix 12x137g
· Pearce Duff Assorted Blancmange 6x146g
· Plain Sponge Mix 1x12
· Classic Choc. Sponge Mix 1x12
· Caramelle Dessert Mix 12x70g

Heinz Tin Pudding

  · Chocolate Sponge 1x6x310g
· Spotted Dick 1x6x310g
· Sticky Toffee 1x6x310g
· Strawberry 1x6x310g
· Treacle 1x6x310g
· Strawberry 1x6x310g


  · Bonkers Butterscotch 12x66g
· Stonking Strawberry 12x66g
· Corking Chocolate 12x66g
· Nestle Rice Pudding 12x450g
· Ambrosia Devon Custard 12x425g
· Semolina Pudding 6x425g


  · Hartley's Strawberry 12x135g
· Hartley's Blackcurrant 12x135g
· Hartley's Assorted 12x135g  


  · Wafers Family 24x48
· Carousel Oyster 12x6
· Carousel Nougat Wafers 12x8
· Birds custard powder tins 12x300g
· Custard powder whisk & serve Pkts 18x75g

Baking Mixes

  · Atora Herby Dumpling Mix 12x180g
· Atora Vegetable Light 12x250g
· Original Yorkshire pudding mix 1x6
· Original Chip Shop batter mix 1x6
· Ruskoline 1x8
· McDougalls S.R. Flour 8x1.5k
· Birds Trifle 6x144g


  · Sage & Onion 24x85g
· Paxo Stuffing with Lemon 8x130g
· Paxo Stuffing with Apple 8x130g  

Oxo Sauces

  · Oxo Chicken & Sage & Onion 24x30g
· Oxo with Mint Satchet 24.x30g
· Oxo Onion Sage & Thyme Satchet 24x30g  


  · Bisto Best Chicken Granules 6x200g
· Bisto Best Original Granules 6x200g
· Bisto Best Onion Granules 6x200g
· Bisto Beef Granules 12x200g
· Bisto Granules 12x300g
· Bisto Granules 6x500g
· Bisto Cheese Granules 6x200g
· Bisto Onion Granules 12x170g
· Bisto Chicken Granules 12x170g
· Bisto Chip Shop Curry sauce 6x200g
· Bisto Parsley Sauce 6x200g
· Bisto Vegetable Granules 12x170g
· Bisto White Sauce 6x200g


  · Marmite 12x125g · Marmite 12x250g  

Colman's Sauce Mixes

  · Toad in the Hole 1x12
· Spaghetti Bolognese 1x12
· Sausage Casserole 1x12
· Liver and Bacon 1x12
· Beef Bourginon 1x12
· Beef & Ale 1x12
· Beef Casserole 1x12
· Chicken chausser 1x12
· Creamy Mushroom 1x12
· Lamb Hot Pot 1x12
· Pork Casserole 1x12
· Chicken Supreme 1x12
· Shepherds Pie 1x12
· Bread Sauce 1x12
· Cheese Sauce 1x12
· Curry Sauce Mild 1x12
· Onion Sauce 1x12
· Parsley Sauce 1x12
· White Sauce 1x12

Mustard & Pickles

· Baxters Baby Beetroot 6x330g
· Baxters Crinkle Cut 6x340g
· Baxters Beetroot Pickle 6x305g
· Baxters Redcurrant Jelly 6x210g
· Baxters Mint jelly 6x210g
· Branston Pickled Onions 6x454g
· Branston Pickle Original 6x360g
· Branston Pickle Small Chunk 6x360g
· Branston Pickle Original 6x520g
· Branston Pickle Small Chunk 6x520g
· Branston Smooth Squeezy Original 6x410g
· Branston Sandwich Squeezy 6x410g
· Colman's Mustard Powder 24x57g
· Colman's English Mustard Tube 12x50g
· Colman's English Mustard Jar 12x100g
· Colman's Mint Sauce 6x250g
· Colman's Garden Mint 6x250g
· Colman's Horseradish 6x250ml
· Colman's Seafood Sauce 6x250ml
· Heinz Tangy Tomato 8x280g
· Heinz Mild Mustard Pickle 8x290g
· Heinz Piccalilli 8x275g
· Heinz Ploughmans Pickle 8x290g
· Haywards Mixed Pickle 6x710g
· Haywards Red Cabbage 6x270g
· Haywards Traditional Pickled Onions 12x454g
· Haywards Strong Pickled Onions 12x454g
· Haywards Sweet Pickled Onions 12x454g

Salad Creams & Sauces

  · Branston Fruity Sauce
· Heinz Salad Cream 12x650g
· Heinz Sandwich Spread 12x200g
· Heinz Vegetable Salad 12x195g
· Daddies Tom. Ketchup 12x340g
· Daddies Brown Sauce 12x340g
· H.P. Curry Sauce 8x430g
· H.P.Fruity Sauce 12x225g
· H.P. Squeezy Brown Sauce 12x425g
· Heinz Malt Vinegar 12x568ml

Canned Vegetables

  · Batchelors Mushy Peas 24x300g
· Batchelors Mushy Peas Chipshop 24x300g
· Batchelors Bigga Marrowfat Peas 24x300g
· Batchelors Bigga Marrowfat Peas 24x415g
· Batchelors Bigga Dried Peas 24x250g
· Branston· Beans 24x420g
· Batchelors Broad Beans 12x300g
· Batchelors Butter Beans 12x300g
· HZ Baked Beans 24x200g
· HZ Baked Beans 24x415g
· HZ Curried Beans 24x200g
· H.P. Baked Beans 24x420g l

Canned Fruit

  · Hartleys Gooseberries 12x300g · Hartleys Rhubarb 12x540g  


  · Heinz Tomato 24x400g
· Heinz Lentil 24x400g
· Heinz Potato & Leek 24x400g
· Heinz Vegetable 24x400g

Hot Beverages

  · Bovril 12x125g
· Cadbury's Bournvita 6x200g
· Cadbury's cocoa 12x125g
· Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate 12x250g
· Cad. Instant Low Calorie Hot Choc. 15x22g
· Camp Coffee 12x240g
· Galaxy Instant Hot Choc.Cups 5x10cups
· Ovaltine Light 6x200g
· Ovaltine 6x200g
· Maltesers Hot Beverage 6x300g
· Nambarrie Tea Bags 12x40
· P.G Tips Pyramid Tea Bag's 40's 12x125g
· Yorkshire H/Water Tea 5x80's
· Yorkshire Gold Teabags 80's 5x250g
· Yorkshire Reg. Teabags 80's 5x250g
· Scottish Blend 12x40
· Horlicks 12x200g
· Cold
· Nesquik Banana 10x300g
· Nesquik Strawberry 10x300g

Tate & Lyle

  · T&L Golden Syrup 12x454g · T&L Treacle 12x454g  

Jams, Jellies & Preserves

  · Mamades Fine Cut 6x850g
· Mamades Thick Cut 6x850g
· Robertson Redcurrant Jam 6x340g
· Robertson Blackcurrant Jam 6x340g
· Robertson Bramble jelly 6x454g
· Robertson Damson Jam 6x340g
· Robertson Strawberry Jam 6x340g
· Robertson Lemon Curd 6x326g
· Robertson Shredless Marmalade 6x454g
· Robertson Silver Shred Marmalade 6x454g
· Roses Lemon Lime Marmalade 6x454g
· Roses Lime Marmalade 6x454g
· Roses Orange Marmalade 6X454g

Frank Coopers:

  · Original Coarse Cut Ma·malade 6x454g
· Seville Fine Cut Orange Marmalade 6x454g
· Vintage Coarse Cut Marmalade 6x454g  

Personal Grooming - Health & Beauty

  · Andrews Liver Salts 6x150g
· Camay Soap 1x4
· Dettol Cream 6x30g
· Dettol Anti-Bacterial Soap 6x125g
· Fairy Liquid Wash Up Soap 14x400ml
· Germoline 6x27g
· Imperial Leather Soap 6x125g
· Imperial Leather Shower Gel 6x250ml
· Imperial Leather Ice Shower Gel 6x250ml
· Persil Biological Liquigel 5x1.5L
· Persil Colour Care Liquigel 5x1.5L
· Radox Herbal Bath 6x500ml Potter's Malt Cod Liver Oil-Buterscotch 6 x 450g
· Potter's Malt Extract with Cod Liver Oil 6 x 450g TCP 12X50ml